The End – R.I. Wool & Fiber Festival

This young lady may not think it’s the best idea to be trying on a hand-knit/felted hat on a warm day, but Linda Perry of Thistledown Yarns in Hope Valley RI does such beautiful work that Mom just couldn’t resist the purchase! Plus, the hat was on display at the Consignment Table, where 20% of the proceeds went to help support Coggeshall Farm Museum. Continue reading

R.I. Wool & Fiber Festival

The 6th Annual Wool & Fiber Festival was held at the Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol RI on Saturday May 19th.  Bucolic setting, one horse & a long-horned cow grazing in their huge stone-walled field, postcard clouds, enough working breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay, and FIBER in all its permutations! The next few posts will showcase some of the highlights I found.

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