The End – R.I. Wool & Fiber Festival

This young lady may not think it’s the best idea to be trying on a hand-knit/felted hat on a warm day, but Linda Perry of Thistledown Yarns in Hope Valley RI does such beautiful work that Mom just couldn’t resist the purchase! Plus, the hat was on display at the Consignment Table, where 20% of the proceeds went to help support Coggeshall Farm Museum. (more…)

Part 12 – RI Wool & Fiber

Part 11 – RI Wool & Fiber

Part 10 – RI Wool & Fiber

Part 9- RI Wool & Fiber

Kids & Chickens

This little guy was learning the basics of chicken husbandry – with some willing participants following his every move! (more…)

Photo Caption Contest!

And Just Who is Talking to Whom?


Part 8 – RI Wool & Fiber

More Why We Love Yarn

As part of my on-going fascination with yarn, I bring you these photos from the picturesque Coggeshall Farm setting. Thank you to all the Indie fiber growers, dyers and fellow enthusiasts – you all make our Yarn World the richer.


Part 7 – RI Wool & Fiber

Kids & Rabbits

This was a wonderful event for families & kids. Lots of new things to see and do, perhaps new Fiber Friends to meet & pet. A mellow atmosphere for learning. (more…)

Part 6 – RI Wool & Fiber

David Westcott, giving a demo of his intricate weaving, is also an enthusiastic spinner and all around teacher extraordinaire! He is wonderful at explaining processes, and also at inspiring newcomers.


Part 5 – RI Wool & Fiber

Hampden Hills Alpacas

Owner Erica Dwyer was busy wowing the crowd with her little Havanese puppy! Show me a person who can resist a puppy?! Erica carries alpaca yarn, fiber, hand woven & hand knit designs. I failed in my duty to inquire as to her actual Alpaca flock, as I was overly  engrossed with said pup. Next time!